Data Dock is a blog which aims to provide all the latest informations about Technology, Telecom Industry, Latest Gadgets, Unboxing, Reviews, Tips & Tricks, Leaks & Rumours and many more.

Before this website we have started a YouTube channel named Data Dock since September 2015 proving video regarding latest Gadgets, Unboxing, Tech News, Tips & Tricks, Vlogs and many more.

We try to bring all the latest coverage from diverse fields such as computers, camera, robotics and other space, which involves electronics, computers and mechanics. If you have liked what our team does in the mobile sector, then we are pretty sure that you would love what we cover in the field of technology.

Data Dock is all about sharing knowledge and our website can be a place for you to share your expertise with your fellow audiences from around the world.

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Behind the Data Dock
Amit Das (Founder)
By profession i am a Sr. Human Resource (IT). Having more than 8+ years in IT field. I have very strong interest in Latest Technology & Gadgets. Love making videos, writing blogs, travelling, and music.